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Authentic, organic, and locally-sourced, The Hideout is proud to offer some of the most acclaimed and exciting dishes in southern Thailand, with a menu that caters to indulgent foodies, adventurous eaters, vegetarian and vegans, halal and special-needs diners, and farm-to-table guests alike. 

Outside guests are required pre-book a table online or via phone.


Featuring the freshest seafood and produce from the region, traditional spices and sauces made-to-order in our open fire & gas-burner jungle kitchen, and even fresh-baked bread and German noodles made with a ‘Thai touch’, you’ll want to feast on the entire menu. And don’t forget our incredible hand-crafted tonics and sodas, brewed daily from all-natural and organic ingredients right here on Koh Yao. Menu available a la carte, or as part of a guest dining package. 


+ Zero-Waste

= Good Karma

We offer a powerful blend of healing, empowering, and enzyme-rich foods.


We manage portion sizes to limit food waste, but encourage guests are to request more as cravings permit!


Our menu is incredibly versatile, while using the same ingredients (even the peel or seeds of some) across various dishes and taste experiences to maximize ingredient utility.


And although kitchen leftovers are inevitable in the restaurant business we are committed to using our excess in crafting homemade jams, syrups for our lemonades and healthy tonics, artisanal cream cheese and yoghurts, just to name a few!

Our Zero-Waste food menu and liquid kitchen allow you experience a variety of creative & yummy dishes.

Dine @The Hideout

The Hideout features memorable sunrise and sunset views.


We take you on a tasteful journey where Thai cuisine and traditions meet western gourmets, mingling to create a mouth-watering dining experience to transform the way you experience eating – hopefully for years to come.


Our hosts are sourced through local residents, who will welcome you to their island home.

Be part of our daily practice of inviting elderly villagers and those less fortunate to eat for free, share with their communities, or use our left-overs to feed their personal livestock.

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